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Monday, December 26, 2016

Gearing Up...Reluctantly

As another year comes to an end, despite my many weight loss attempts, I remain fat.  I am distressed by that.  I am also distressed by the thought of yet another effort at a "lifestyle change."

Isn't that an annoying phrase?  We say that because we fail at "diets,"  so it must be the label.  Change the label, change the attitude.  Ack.   I'll skip that rant; I'm just annoyed right now.  About what?

*About being fatter than I've been in decades.
*About feeling unwell and having symptoms related to my thyroid medication that the MD won't pay attention to...like hair loss, cognitive issues, tightness in my chest, tremors, and more!  (The more probably includes this 10 pound weight gain.)
*About the prospect of needing to find a new MD.
*About not being able to eat starches & gluten & sugar.  Really, wouldn't counting calories be sufficient?  Nooooo.  I have to go bigger, better, more due to health issues.  (I'm gluten intolerant  & have diabetes.  Carbs listed above raise my glucose, which requires more insulin and insulin gives me muscle cramps.  Gluten makes me break out in hideous sores.)
*About my husband acting like a jerk.

And more!  Yeah.  I'm seriously annoyed.

Most annoying is that if I began to eat healthily, I'd probably feel better and be a lot less annoyed!  Sighhhh.

Pleasant first post, isn't it?  Shrug. I need to see how a post will look and no one is likely to read this, since no one knows I'm here, yet.  I'll delete it when the blog starts proper.

It's the weigh it goes...



  1. For some reason, I am not getting notifications when you post. So, I went looking for you, and here ya are. However...I do remember getting updates in the past, so maybe when blogger updated the dashboard, which I don't like, they messed up some stuff? Who knows.

    I hope things are going better, health-and-annoyance-wise. Demand that the Dr. pay attention to those symptoms. Don't shut up until s/he does. I've found the nurse practitioner pays closer attention than the dr, so if that option is available, try that route, perhaps.

    And how is hubby? I hope he's feeling better. If he is, maybe the jerk factor is dissipating as well.

    I have to agree with the whole change the label deal. If that worked, well, I'd be plumb skinny and hot to trot! I haven't posted in a month...so I'm getting ready to post my "new" year post in the morning. Yeah. I'm not going to dwell on weight, but I will post about it every now and then.

    1. Chuckle. I should have known that nancy "Margaret" Drew would be able to find me. :}

      I'm not popping up on your rerading list because I changed my URL for this blog. yes, again. I dunno, BR, if I can't change m life, I guess I settle for changing my blog.

      Bill's not better. he's been going to physical therapy because thee insurance won't pay for an MRI til he does, but it is not helping him. No surprise to me, there. He's in a lot of pain. I can't remember why I thought he was acting like a jerk... (Tho, decidedly, if I thought it he WAS. hmph.)

      My MD apt is Friday afternoon. I really like this MD, so I hope he listens to me because I don't want to switch. He's an old, wild-haired, busy eyebrows Russian Jew. (Picture Albers Einstein only with shorter hair.) He's quirky and, until now, I've been the one blowing things off. Now, I need HIM to pay attention, and he's not. We'll see.

      So. My new URL is www.seriouslysufficient.blogspot.com, tho I suspect you re-upped when you were here.

      Diet. I wrote a post on Jan 1st, blew the diet on jan 2--can you believe that?--so erased the post. So embarrassing. Idid stick yesterday and so far today. I planned to write a new post...well, now, but it turns out that I don't have time.

      Thanks for checking in on me. :) Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


  2. haha...so proud my parents didn't call me Nancy Margaret because in the south, I'd defintely be called Nancy Margaret. haha

    The next time you mess up, don't go deleting your posts. They may come in handy at a later time.

    Poor Bill...and yeah, if you thought it, he was. heheh I know how that goes.

    Keep me posted on the dr appt. He better listen. He don't want me to come up there. I got a new pistol for Christmas. Of course, it only shoots BBs, but dang it, they sting.

  3. Uh oh, what is hubby doing to be a jerk?