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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

DNA Info from 23&Me on my weight

I just received an email from 23&Me delivering their new Genetic Weight Report .  I'm just going to cut and paste some things, with the 23&Me content in this font: DNA info.

If you aren't entertained by 23&Me presentation, the bottom line is that my DNA predisposes me to weigh about 13% more than average, not ideal weight.  That would be, per 23&Me about 180 pounds.  Let me say that a different way: Per my DNA, my body's most comfortable spot is about 180 pounds.  Above or below that is y own doing, either thru neglect or effort.  (Right now there is evidence  that neglect has been winning for a long time.)

23&Me provided fewer details than I would have liked--like I have a double copy of the Ghrelin gene.  They didn't go into detail about that kind of thing.  Here's what they did report:

The Genetic Weight Report looks at DNA variants you have that are associated with weight and breaks down whether you’re genetically predisposed to weigh more or less than average. It also highlights the different effects certain lifestyle factors have on weight for people with genetics similar to yours.

Debra, your genes predispose you to weigh about 13% more than average. The average weight for a woman your age who is 5'5" tall is 162 pounds, based on 23andMe participants of European descent.

We determined your result by looking at DNA variants associated with weight based on our research. Some variants have a stronger effect on weight than others, which our analysis took into account. Because of this, your proportion of higher to lower weight variants may not exactly align with your overall predisposition.

They went on to list lifestyle factors in people with my genetic disposition who were NOT overweight.  The factors were exciting in their everydayness.  :}  While many people do what they believe are all of the right things but do NOT lose weight or lose it painfully slowly, I have always known that when I do what I need to do, the weight comes off.  (Tho it is coming off a bit slower at my advanced age. sigh.)

Here's 23&Me's findings on what my genotype needs to do to lose weight:

Healthy Habits for Your Genetics 

We looked at 23andMe research participants with a genetic weight predisposition like yours and found certain lifestyle factors that were associated with the biggest weight differences. 
1.Avoiding fast food  Associated with weighing up to 17.8% less
2.Exercising   Associated with weighing up to 16.4% less .  People at a healthy weight exercised 2-3 times per week, on average.    
3. Limiting red meat  Associated with weighing up to 15.5% less     

4.Eating vegetables  Associated with weighing up to 12% less       
People at a healthy weight ate 2-4 servings of vegetables per day, on average.People who ate more than 7 servings of vegetables per day weighed up to 12.1% less than those who never ate vegetables

5. Eating fish Associated with weighing up to 11.9% less.
People at a healthy weight ate fish 1-2 times per week, on average.

If you notice, nowhere in this list is the advice that is given so often in "health" circles today which is to eat more healthy whole grains.   That's because my DNA report lit up for high risk for celiacs and gluten intolerance markers.  I guess I need to add some more veggies and exercise to my already low carb eats.  Of course, I already knew that.  :}

I also know why every time I try t lose weight, the struggle begins in earnest when I hit the 180 s.  This time I'll be prepared for that.  High as it sounds, 165 to 170 always felt like a good weight for me; maybe it is right.  We'll see.

And that's the weigh it goes,


Oh.  I'm scheduled for an MRI on Friday.  I am very, very, very claustrophobic so I'm pretty anxious about it.  Prayers would be appreciated.



  1. I would be afraid of the results for me...what if it said 50 lbs over weight! lol

    I'll be praying about the MRI. Ole Boy is a little claustrophobic, too, I know how it can mess with one's mind.

    1. heheh. My weighing in the 180s IS about 50 pounds overweight for my height. :}

      Here's the thing: When I had my DNA done a couple of years ago, it was a relief to see that I had Two, count em Two, copies of the fat gene along with a bunch of other variables that tended towards being overweight. It was a relief because it told me that it wasn't just a weak character or poor habits, there was actually a physiological thing going on here. It, of as it may sound, gave me hope.

      Now, with these numbers rather than just gene info, I'm feeling good about it again. First, it underscores that there is more than just poor eating choices goin on here, and Second, it confirms what I've experienced EVERY time I've tried to lose weight.

      Once I get thru the beginning agony of the struggle to get a diet program to stick, I'm good until I get into the 180s, then hell begins again with renewed vigor. Every time. I often plow thru, up and down the same two pounds, until I get to the 170s. Then some major event occurs (Like a surgery gone wrong over the holidays), and I'm done. The weight creeps back a couple pounds at a time.

      Now, I know why. It's my body's tendency to weigh in the 190s. Problem is that 180s is not a good weight for me. I feel and move much better in the 165 to 175 range. I've always thought that sounded high--and it is--but now I realize that, considering my physical predisposition, it may be just right.

      Anyway, I'm very glad I got the DNA analyzed. Even if it DID confirm that I mustn't eat gluten. :{

      Thanks for the prayers. I can feel them already.


  2. Interesting results...and you're almost there. You're getting close to 180. Impressive results...gives me hope!

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