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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This post is Karen's fault.

I read Karen's latest post which included a discussion on percentages of macros...and graphs from My Fitness Pal.  It got me to thinking about those macros--not that I don't regularly think about macros, I do--and wondering if my actual eating matched up with my set goals as far as percentages of what I am eating goes.

Let me explain.  MFP sets up macro goals per percentage of calories consumed. (1200 in my case).  Those percentages give me actual numbers in grams.  From experience, I know that I need to pay attention to the grams.  For instance, I'm okay as far as my glucose readings go if I stay below  60 grams of carbohydrate a day  (This keeps my insulin doses far below MD recommendation--6 units before meals as opposed to 14, for instance. And, yes, lower carb would be even less insulin, I think). 

I also know from experience that my body is exceptionally skilled at turning protein into glucose ( Yes.  Of course it would be.), so I have to keep my protein down under 90 grams a day-- more than that sends my glucose soaring.  Additionally, per my DNA recommendations & my body's bathroom visits, I need to go easy on fat.   (Although, since I had my gallbladder out at age 20, that advice may have come too late.)  So, fat bombs aren't on my list of things to pop into my mouth.

 All of those considerations make for a tight parameter and a need to jiggle percentages to get the numbers to match.  Here's what I came up with:  Percentages of 1200 calories is: Carb15%, (45 gr)Protein 25% (75 grams) & Fat 60%. (80 grams)    I, of course, have no real idea whether or not those numbers/ratios are good for me.  time will tell.

And here's where Karen's post came in.

I've been logging in my food for a few months now.  Sometimes I go under calories, sometimes over.  (Lots of times over.) The thing is, although MFP sets gram targets per percentage, the daily tally of food eaten just lists the targets & breakdown of actual food eaten by calorie & gram numbers' no percentages are listed.  So, curious about my actual real-life percentages,  I pulled up charts for each macro and looked at only the days for which I was 1400 calories or under. And guess what I found when I figured the percentages.

Almost every day, even when my calories were on target, my carb percentages were WAY over 15% of my daily intake.  Now doesn't that just figure?

Whether my calories were at 1200 or way below 1200,  I often shorted my protein and fat to get to that desired calorie range which , of course, changed the percentage ratio.   Without realizing it, I'd been paying  close attention to the calories and generally choosing  low carb, but paying almost no attention to the actual gram numbers across the board.  One day, I only had 800 calories, but with 50 grams of carb, the carbohydrate percentage was 25%.  sighhhh.

And that may  explains why I sometimes have higher glucose levels when I test than I expected to have.  I thought I was becoming brittle (I mean, I've been diabetic for over 40 years, and it happens.) But it may be the percentage issue.  My lack of protein and fat may be adding extra oomph to those pesky carbs.

Or not.  I'm thinking on it.  :}  I really have almost no idea what I'm talking abut.  I  was surprised, tho, to see just how large a percentage of my total food intake is still being used up by carbohydrates.  That sneaky carb addiction dies hard, doesnt it? 

I need to talk to God about it; He knows all about this stuff.

And that's the weigh it goes,


P.S.  Hmmmm.  Upon rereading this to edit, it feels way too tedious.  If I continue to try to edit, I'll just delete, so--sorry about the typos and congrats to anyone who actually read to this point.  :}


  1. What are you eating that you consider is low carb to put your percentages up like that? I want to speed this process up but I must admit counting macros intimidates me. I want to keep it simpler, but maybe I can't.

    1. Ha. First, just so I don't give you the wrong impression--I've been struggling this past week The minute I heard that Bill is going to need back surgery, I had trouble staying away from night-time carbs.

      Second, when I'm on plan, I don't really count the macros--My Fitness Pal does. (Myfitnesspal.com) It has a free version. You just type in the food you eat and it tallies it up.

      When I am on plan--I primarily eat protein in the form of (beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs & primal fuel protein shakes), non-starchy veggies, some dairy, fat.

      I log it in and let MFP spit out the numbers. I rarely hit my protein number and the fat number is often low. A tablespoon of butter is 12grams fat & a tablespoon of coconut oil is 14 grams fat, for a frame of reference, but, really, I just log in the food, focus on veggies and protein, keeping an eye on carbs in anything that is not veggie or protein--and hope for the best.

      Ha. So, I guess what I do is count carbs. Eat meat. Add fat as if I weren't dieting when I cook. Shrug.

      If I stick to that, it works for me for now.

      If I get too intense, I will fall off plan.

  2. I saw your comment on Lyn's post from yesterday. Then I tracked you down. I'm so glad I found your blog. I too am so confused about this macro stuff. The young kids at work talk about it ALL the time. I use MFP, but never paid attention to the macro section until I heard them talking about it. I agree, it's all so confusing. I wish just counting calories was enough. Now we have to worry about all this macro stuff too. Sometimes it's just all too much. :)

    1. Well, hi! Nice of you to stop by. :) As far as macros go, I really only pay close attention to the carbs (I'm diabetic) with a glance at the protein. (I tend to go be too low with protein.) I ignore the fat, letting it fend for itself.

      MINLY--by a long shot--it's the carbs that I need to watch. If I have them under control, the calories are also under control, my glucose is under control, and my weight goes down. If not, everything is up, up, up!

      When I get too complicated, I quickly crash and burn.

      I'll be over to check out your a blog. Your photo icon looks stunning! Do you really look like that? :}