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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Prayer Request

I have a prayer request.  The bottom line is this:  My husband has an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Monday to discuss back surgery.  :o

Bill has been having significant back trouble--ever since he fell out of the bed of his pick-up truck bed... while backing his John Deere riding mower down two planks.  yeah.

His back had been bothering him some  before that, but after his plunge to earth--his shoulder hitting the pavement while his leg was pinned under the mower--it's been disabling.  He's had to use a cane to walk and struggles to do any physical activity, among other symptoms.  Until this accident, he had been very active.

At any rate, he got his MRI results last week.  He has significant spinal stenosis and several--several--bulging discs and ligament hypertrophy throughout his lumbar spine.  There is also some misalignment of the spine, and the MRI even shows a cyst there somewhere.  A cyst?  Really? Yep.

 Prior to the MRI, he had gone to a chiropractor thinking he'd just thrown his back out.  The treatments gave him some relief, but it only lasted a day.  (The MRI explains that.) and the insurance required that Bill go to physical therapy for six weeks before they'd authorize the MRI.  (I want to sue them for torture!).  The PT did not help.  At all.  Not a surprise.

So.  All things considered, surgery is his only option.  Back surgery scares me. Ah-lot.  I have, of course, been praying for a miraculous healing.  And it could still happen.  But, if God chooses to work through the MDs, then so be it.

Please pray.  Thanks,


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  1. Oh my word, Deb! Poor Bill. I will definitely be praying. My 79 year old Mom is facing making a choice on back surgery, too...and even though she is suffering much, she doesn't think, at her age, that she will.

    Again. Poor Bill! To go from being active to practically disabled...I just don't have words. Insurance makes me so, so mad when they forget they are dealing with people. They should listen to the doctor treating the patient...not refer to a rule book of sorts.

    You and Bill will get through this. God is faithful. I am so sorry.