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Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh, Let it be a new song.

It's Monday--official start that diet day all over the country.  usually, for me anyway, it's just same song, 134th verse.  But today, let it be a whole new song!

I did so well the beginning of this year.  I started on January 18th and by the mid-March, I'd lost 20 pounds.  And that was even tho  I had a mini-stroke the end of February.  But, somehow, a little too much life happened (The stroke sequelae was rugged, then I got the flu, and Bill had to have cataract surgery...twice, and stuff...you know, life stuff), and I began to flounder.  I managed to lose an additional 5 pounds by the beginning of May, but that is back now.

The fact is, I've been losing and regaining that 5 pounds every week since May.  And I'm tired of singing that song, for sure.

I joined a Christian weight loss group on January 19th that starts a new Bible study every 12 weeks.   This past Thursday (which I missed because of Bill's back surgery) was the last week of this round. I had been toying with the idea of ditching the group sine I've lost nothing this past 12 weeks.  Worse than nothing, I'm up 5 pounds.. 

But.  This afternoon,  the group leader called me today to co-ordinate the new book with me (I have to get an e-book and not all titles have that option.)  The study book we settled on is called Beginnings and addresses failures, lessons learned, fresh starts, etc.  To my surprise, I felt a bit of enthusiasm rise...hope even.

Since Thursday will be the first weigh-in for that new study, I'm pretty motivated to hit it hard the next three days to get as much of that five pound gain off before weigh day.  Since  I know that a plunge into carbs after being low car loads up a good bit of fluid, losing the whole five pounds is not out of the question.

 I'll do very low carb meals & some protein (Primal Blueprint) shakes for a meal or two.  That's not something I can maintain over the long haul, but I can do it for the three days between now and weigh-in morning.  Then I'll shift to simply low carb (40-60 grams a day works for me.) for the duration.

So.  My new song starts now--1AM Monday morning.  Feel free to hum along.  :)

And that's the weigh it goes,



  1. I can relate. I keep trying too. I'm encouraged by your post. I'm all dressed for my WW meeting and its been the up and down game for 2 1/2 years. I was close to goal the end of 2014 and then major life events caused me to gain and I'm trying my best to get back down. Thanks just stumbled on your blog.

    1. Well, hi, Patti! I'm glad you stopped by--and I hope your WW weigh-in went well.

  2. ♫♪♫♪...Humming with you...♫♪♫♪

    Please give us some details on the Beginnings study book after you get in to it. I just started RT Kendall's 40 Days With the Holy Spirit.

  3. Well, hey, TBR. I've been thinking about you! :)

    Hmmm. I've heard of that book. How was it?

    The book I from "First Place 4 Health" group. The paperback version has the Bible Study along with the healthy living plan the group promotes. The diet (They call it "liveit" sigh) is a basic exchange diet. The book contains forms to track what you eat, your exercise, prayer requests, etc. The emphasis is on being a whole, healthy, balanced person--mental, physical, spiritual, emotional. so, if you have the book, you get the weight loss/healthy living plan in addition to the Bible study.

    The Bible studies aren't heavily pointed towards weight loss I suppose they think the supplementary pages of the book cover that. (So far, they aren't real deep, either, tho.) It's not at all like a Christian WW meeting, which is kind of what I had expected.

    Fortunately for me, I love Bible study groups of all levels and intensities :) and I find the group meetings, in which we mainly go over the Bible study material, to be a support as well as a low pressure accountability tool to remind me that I'll be sharing my weight (Not that you have to) in a few days so I may want to skip the cake. :}

    I'll let you know how this particular Bible study is--I'm hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised and this one will be more direct in supporting my weight loss effort...or have deep truths...or both. yes. Let's go for both.

    Hey. I really have had you heavily on my mind the last two days. Email me if something's up.


    1. Hey Deb...I just started the 40 Days, so I will give you my first impression in a week or two.

      Still battling the UTI. Got a tooth issue (The same one I had a root canal on in Nov.) Other than that, live is good. Hot, but good.

      How'd the weight-in go?
      Is Bill (medically) behaving himself?

    2. Weigh-in: The meeting for today was cancelled, so Igot a reprieve. I'm still up from my last weigh in with the group. by about 3 pounds, I think.

      Bill. He's trying to behave. Trying... The good news is that his pain is decreasing & his strength is increasing so he's able to walk further and faster--which is making him happy. He hasn't had a cigarette in over 3 weeks. on the patch. So, all in all, he's doing well. His 1 month check-up is on Tuesday; I'll let you know what the doc says.

      I've been praying for you and the UTI, although every time I prayed about the UTI, I thought I was being silly. thinking that surely, it was done by now. What's up with that.

  4. I admire you for keeping on...