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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Hubs is Home from the Hospital

Surgery was extensive, but successful.  Bill was discharged Thursday evening.  He is, of course, in a good bit of pain and gets up and down with difficulty.  Riding in a car is painful. His stables will come out on June 10th and that should relieve much of the discomfort he feels when sitting.

He is able to walk with a cane and able to climb steps, tho.  He's already taking short walks around the outside of the house several times a day.  (My problem is NOT getting him to be active; it is to keep him from overdoing it!)

Despite the pain, he can tell that his legs are working better and it's easier to walk than it was before the surgery.  His foot drop is gone as is the sciatica pain down his leg.

We are grateful to God for His healing touch and for  your prayers.



  1. Staples come out tomorrow! That man! He better be patient with activity and not over do it. He don't want me to come up there.

    1. :) Hello, TBR! I missed you. And you can come on up here anytime you want. :)

      And, yes, we plan on having the staples out today. Bill's looking forward to it. I think he kind of has the idea that one the staples are out, his restrictions are done. They are not...and, of course, I keep telling him the MD said ONE MONTH, not 2 weeks. sighhhh. We'll see.

      So far, tho, he's healing well. Getting better every day. Back surgery is tricky, so I am grateful for God's intervention with His healing power. And so relieved!

      I pray for you daily. Catch me up on you.